Monday, May 3, 2010

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What a fast moving spring – warmer weather – refreshing breezes and a renewed ability to stay on task…if only to reap the rewards afterwards!

On the copy stand – we’re seeing scripts from NASDAQ (and the financial news is cheerier)…other scripts from the media, entertainment, insurance, pharmaceutical and health industries too.

In addition to recording Moneen has been directing some rewarding sessions at some fine studios; and
If you’re interested in a FREE American/Italian Piano Program from International Pianist and Social Scientist Gilbert Gambucci and would like to know what he has to say on the arts and ethics in society, please read the press release posted on my blog at;

Moneen traveled to NYC with Susan Berkley to coach advanced audition techniques at the Grammy Award Winning CDM Studios

The Masters of the Mic event in Atlanta was a huge success – Susan Berkley, Pat Fraley and Donna Sommers all gave fantastic presentations. I really appreciated the warm response to my presentation as well called "Me, Myself and Mic - 5 Steps to Sounding Awesome when Alone". This portion of the program will soon be available at! The talent show was A+. We heard from James Hammel, Bill Brewer, Tom Jenkins, James Gilletti, Terri Thomas and many others - many standing o's. Oh and I pulled Pat Fraley on stage with Susan and I to sing and dance back (Rayette style) to James Hammel - what a blast!

Moneen is grateful to Robyn Bradley of ET Productions for keeping me on task with marketing in a refreshing new way…check out Robyn’s Rent My Noggin program and get AMAZING results!

Please make a point to visit – Jack Kratoville of in freshening up everything…and with it…a couple products have been introduced in the MoVibe store – dedicated to your tip top performance!

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