Friday, March 11, 2011

Fast Fitness Results from Uber Underachiever!

As the uber underachiever in fitness traditionally, it really pleases me to say that today will be workout #26 of Rev Abs with the absolutely adorable Brett Hoebel!

Shakeology and Brett have been a consistent and wining team to keep me motivated and moving forward...physically, emotionally and even spiritually. If we are strong physically, we can accomplish more for our famlies and community.
I honestly haven't changed many aspects of my eating - I indulge in cupcakes and treats with my kids and enjoy an adult beverage with friends more than I should yet I still am inching my way into a size 12 from a size 16 - just drinking Shakeology everyday and gaining strength from Brett.

If you need/want a cheerleader in your own quest for energy and health, please let me know if I can help.