Sunday, September 17, 2017

Voiceover Talent! Improvisation & Character Creation with!

Hey! Do you like spending several hours a day isolated in front of a microphone? Oh good. Me too!
A bunch of us, including MoVibe VIP Talent are gathering together online to warm up and hang out with Improvisational Games and Character Creation Tutorials so you grow at the mic by doing with fun like minded performers! Sure, we're still isolated in our homes/studios, but we're isolated together!

Who: Experienced Voiceover & On Air Talent - The MoVibe VIP Talent Pool will be
there and so should you!
What: An evening of Improvisation, Original Character Creation, Revelation and
Laughs! Each talent will have a customized script / audio track produced after the event!
When: Saturday September 30th at 6pm ET
Fee: $29.99
Easy Sign Up Here:

"The only safe thing is to take a chance"
Mike Nichols

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Get Good! Get Good Vibes! MoVibe Live 12!

Give yourself a well deserved break and break out at MoVibe Live 12!

Always new content, always new copy, always new mindset motivations and much Mo'!
C'mon along and get in on the good vibes in beautiful, historic Exeter NH - just 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean!

What: Workshop/Workout for Voiceover Talent & Performers

When: Sunday July 23rd 3-6pm ET

Where: Hampton Inn & Suites - 59 Portsmouth Avenue, Exeter NH

*5 minute walk to charming downtown Exeter
*10 minute drive to the beach!

Why: Get good performance time, motivational time and good vibes with super talented like minded people!

How Much: Only $59 if you confirm with PayPal payment before June 30, 2017

About Mo

Moneen Daley is the Mo of and has been on the mic for close to 31 years in voiceover and radio. Moneen enjoys coaching emerging and seasoned talent focusing on psychological energy and motivation for optimum personal and professional growth. Demos, Testimonials, Newsletter Sign Up and Calendar of Events are available at!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Yeah! What Dustin Hoffman Said!

Hey There Voiceover Talent, Radio Talent and Performers of all Kinds!
It has been super busy and super satisfying around MoVibe!
A fresh newsletter Welcoming new talent and Congratulating returning talent along with details on MoVibe Live 9 - which will be onsite and online and a total blast - will be coming soon. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, please stop by to sign up or simply email

Meanwhile, please check out what Dustin Hoffman has to say about ad libbing before a take - it's exactly the Mumble In/Lead In/Prep I advocate, cajole, push, pull and plead for during coaching sessions with talent and when directing - and that is touching on the personal and internal and developing your own psychological relevance before starting the script/scene. Love this! Always dig deeper! Always go internal! Always find that compelling reason to care!