Monday, November 7, 2016

Yeah! What Dustin Hoffman Said!

Hey There Voiceover Talent, Radio Talent and Performers of all Kinds!
It has been super busy and super satisfying around MoVibe!
A fresh newsletter Welcoming new talent and Congratulating returning talent along with details on MoVibe Live 9 - which will be onsite and online and a total blast - will be coming soon. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, please stop by to sign up or simply email

Meanwhile, please check out what Dustin Hoffman has to say about ad libbing before a take - it's exactly the Mumble In/Lead In/Prep I advocate, cajole, push, pull and plead for during coaching sessions with talent and when directing - and that is touching on the personal and internal and developing your own psychological relevance before starting the script/scene. Love this! Always dig deeper! Always go internal! Always find that compelling reason to care!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Do you dare? MoVibe Live 8! Face Your Fears!

MoVibe Live 8!
Do you dare?

It's a creepy, dark and scary world in front of the mic sometimes, we all need a brightly lit path to get us to the other side.

Join Us for MoVibe Live 8 - Face Your Fears
October 7th @ 7pm ET

Park Workshop/Part Party - Wholly Entertaining!

You will:
* Learn about/discuss steps you can take right now to face your performance fears and eliminate barriers between your desired goals and everyday actions!

* Prep and Perform real scripts from a variety of applications - The MoVibe Live Copy Book is always fresh!

* Engage in real world scenarios - an actual casting will take place that night!

* Explore ways you can maintain energetic enthusiasm for your craft and accomplishments!

* As always, get support, get group and individual feedback and have fun!

Fee: $59
Sign up now! Email to reserve your spot

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Movibe Live 7! Online Voiceover & Radio Workshop

You asked for it! You got it!
Juicy Scripts - Juicy Leads - Juicy Tips
You're Invited to MoVibe Live 7!

For: Voiceover & On Air Talent - All Levels Welcome!
        Content and commentary is customized!

What: Invitation Only Interactive Online Webinar
Why: You need to squeeze a bigger read and squeeze a bigger lead
           to garner bigger & better client(s)
When: August 19th 7-9pm ET

"As always, your coaching was so helpful to everyone as were your words of wisdom!"
Dalia Bach

"MoVibe Live is always fast paced, fun and the exercises are very effective."
Dennis Bouchard

"I had a ball at MoVibe Live!"
Laurie Bejoian

"There is always something to learn at MoVibe Live."
Connie Magaw

Reserve your spot now!
$59 Fee Includes; 2 hour webinar, solicitation scripts/real world scenarios you may use to approach decision makers, diverse copy book, customized commentary/feedback and one on one follow up call at your convenience after workshop so you can accomplish what you need/want!

Peace & Progress!