Friday, April 25, 2008

Introduction to Analytical Trilogy with Selma Genzani

Hello and Healthful Greetings!

I hope you'll be able to take 25 minutes to listen to this compelling interview with Selma Genzani, an accomlished Social PsychoPathologist well versed in the teachings of Dr. Norberto Keppe. If you can't listen entirely, please refer to the time line below to tune onto a subject area that may be of interest. This live unedited interview may challenge your thinking and you may question many aspects of Dr. Keppe's work. I have and I do still struggle with these concepts every day. For instance, this good and truthful interview took me over a month to post - why? Resistance. We resist the good - let's find out why? Please listen or download the interview by going to Your user name is "movibeclient" and the password is "3logic". You can listen right from the site by clicking on the audio file or you can download and save to listen anytime on your own computer. To save the audio right click then select "save target as". If you have any troubles, please email

Afterwards, if you would like to learn more about Analytical Trilogy, please visit or to get in touch with Selma directly, you may email her at

Time Line of Interview:
0:00 Intro
4:00 The concepts of Goodness, Truth and Beauty and Envy
10:00 Examples from my own analysis
15:30 Why we sabotage ourselves
18:20 How you can make an effort
20:00 Why we want to control everything
23:00 Getting in touch with Selma (see links too)
25:00 Hard Truths but your health depends on it!
26:00 World Conference in Brazil

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Thank you for keeping an open mind and open heart!