Friday, September 27, 2013

Reward yourself! You deserve it - or do you?

Hey Hey Friends!
It's Friday and it's Mo of saying...REWARD yourself! Do you deserve it? Only you can answer that one. We know ourselves so well it is very easy to lie to ourselves. While I can be the Queen of Rationalization, I can tell you that it has been several months since I've had a wild non mommy night out and tonight I'm having one with dear life long friends and it is SO WELL deserved that it will be savored! Deadlines are met, apartment is clean, kids rocked the week at school and I'm on my 3rd week of steady work outs so yes there will be Tequila involved!!

While I'm a proponent of accountability and self reliance (despite resistance every step of the way), I also am a big fan of the Reward System. When you accomplish, overcome a hurdle, keep going when you have excuses not to, it's time to be sweet to yourself somehow.

Traditionally, I over indulge in food, drink, entertainment etc and that's not the answer either. Proportional rewards work best. Example; my children Ian (11) and Ava (8) have been in charge of their own treats/desserts for coming close to a year now. Not once, has either of them over indulged, taken advantage of the situation or gotten sick from taking too much.

Instead, fueled with self appreciation and self discipline, they approach their school work, creative work, free time and rewards with balance, respect and control. They're an impressive couple of kids and while I'd love to take credit, I cannot. They arrive at their own decisions through experience, intellect and mostly instinct. They know what's right. Doing what's right brings about more right. The more right, the better everything and everyone is. Smart. Simple.

So, what have you accomplished today? What is your weekend reward?
Feel free to comment, email or mull quietly to yourself.

If you feel you're not accomplishing (in voiceover, performance, radio, life) and need a nudge or need to find out why you're stuck or continually starting and stopping, please be in touch. There is a way to and through your resistance. If  I can do it, anyone can!

Have a weekend full of peace, progress and passion!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Please join me for Voice Over Virtual!

Hi Voiceover and Radio and Creative Friends,

How are you doing post Labor Day? Are you wearing white you rebel you? Hope all is moving happily forward in your world!

If you haven't heard, there is a major event with many major players in voiceover happening all online September 18-20 put together by It is a real pleasure to be included with content from It's cool because it's interactive, all inclusive and content is available to you until November 30th.

In addition to content from dozens of other coaches, I'll have an insider's presentation on self direction at the mic in 2 ways - from being live on air in Boston radio to and through 3 different recording sessions.  You'll hear script prep, self direction, final selection and the end results! Very revealing and mildly entertaining (if I do say so myself).

There's an additional special personal offer from me to participants at the event as well - and it's our favorite fee - FREE!  To learn about the event and sign up, please click here:

Hope to hang out with you virtually!


Oh and if you want to see a brief video introduction on what I'll be doing, check it out here: