Sunday, December 9, 2012

Performance Palate Cleansing!

Lemon Sorbet and Vodka Cleanse Your Palate Between Courses During Fine Dining -
What About Cleansing Your Performance Palate Between Sessions?
Have you ever enjoyed one of those extraordinary meals where an elegant little delivery of sorbet comes to cleanse your palate between courses?  It's a lively, lilting and refreshing way to enjoy the individual flavors, textures and sensations of each course as it was intended. 
There was a restaurant in New Hampshire (it recently closed) called The Pond View - they had a lovely view (of aforementioned pond), charming old china in mismatched elegance, a classic menu, twinkling decor and an outdoor bar on a dock with paddle boats for cruising with your drink - all in all a real treat.  There have been countless memories made there - intimate conversations, joyous events, and a few tipsy times.  Th best meals were the ones where the server would caringly bring out a delicate little silver bowl with peach sherbet or a dainty glass with lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate - sophisticated and effective.
It is this way at the microphone or wherever we're performing - we need to cleanse our performance palate between sessions and gigs to psychologically move from one attitude to another or to go from the external world to the internal world. One of the many self direction techniques I use and teach my private voice over clients is Performance Palate Cleansing.
How does that work? Like with any self direction technique, your instincts rule. For instance, a client last week said she felt the urge to deliver a script like Lauren Bacall but the promo was for the Discovery channel so she censored herself thinking she needed to adopt a more energized and youthful approach. The rest of the session she struggled with distraction. OK, the Lauren Bacall read may not be the winning take but at least experiment with your inner Lauren Bacall or the attitude of Bacall to create something unique and believable. Simply reading the script with a full on Bacall delivery may crack open an idea, sound or prep work detail that you hadn't effect allowing for a new flavor, texture and sensation. 
If you'd like to know more about this and other self direction techniques for voice over performance or public speaking/presentation, please shoot me an email at or call toll free in the US 1-877-MoVibe0, that's 877-668-4230.
Happy Dining and Happy Performing!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The MoVibe HOT SPOT - 1 Spot Says Alot!

1-    877-MoVibe0 

The MoVibe HOT SPOT!

Heat up your performance and positioning – it’s super fast and super affordable!

Would you like the WOW of a fresh new track without the expense of a whole full length demo?

Ready to attract an agent, reintroduce yourself to prospects or show off another side of you and what you offer?

Consider the MoVibe HOT SPOT – a sizzling hot voice over track with professional guidance, direction and production so you get noticed and get more work!

Here is what you get:
·        ½ phone or skype session to review latest job/audition and current successes/challenges at the mic

·        Written analysis of audio (most recent audition and or job sample requested along with primary demo in current use).
·        Suggested self direction technique and/or exercise to enhance performance
·        Script Selection
·        Full Direction of script by phone patch or skype or Pre Session Warm Up (Talent choice)
·        Edited, Produced and Mastered Spot that will be added to your current demo (short version (:7 -: 12) and full track to use as stand alone audio calling card (full version :15 - :30)

Limited Time Offer of $395

Valid Thru 5/25/12