Friday, September 14, 2007

Summer is fading but you don't have to!

Summer is fading but I'm still glowing and I hope you are too...I'm thinking back on how much summer fun I actually had with my kids and it's limited. I'm not bummed out...I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the day we picked ripe peaches from our neighbor Farmer Lou's tree and had a peach and peanut butter picnic, the 19 hours we spent on Cape Cod swimming, boating and having beer and pizza with our friend, a squeezed in overnight in NH with my best friend of 34 years and her kids...and the late nights outside playing catch by moonlight, tracking fireflies and dreamily gazing at the stars. I'm also unbelievably grateful to the Bailey sisters' Sydney, Paige and Jaime who cared for my kids more than I this summer. Sydney enterainted the kids at the local frog pond, penny candy store, playground and in her own home when I was recording and needed quiet. She took them blackberry picking...made homemade chocolate chip cookies and pizza with them, patiently taught them songs from the Sound of Music...oh and also contructed a doll house and several musical instruments out of items from our recylcing bin. I could feel hugely underqualified in the mommy department when I think about how much I missed out on with the kids but instead I'm saying congratulations to myself on spending time on personal growth, working enough hours to create a record breaking August for myself and even had a non mommy brunch, lunch and day at the museum. I've exceeded many of my personal and professional goals and I'm only now congratulating myself. Why? Good already have the answers. Interested in more? I urge you to explore the work of Dr. Norberto Keppe. Mo' later!
All good things,

Friday, July 6, 2007

Still sore over Sopranos last episode?

Yeah, I was ticked off like everyone else at the seemingly undecided and decidedly undramatic ending to the Sopranos..."But, wait - there's more"! Indeed, there is a forthcoming movie so could this TV end be the movie beginning? Sure. Or, maybe David Chase was simply telling the story as he always has from the vantage point of Tony. No doubt, we the audience were all hanging on the edge of our collective couch with jaw dropped waiting for Uncle Junior to come running through the diner with a filet knife or for Meadow's car to explode or for Carm to announce she's pregnant...but alas...none of, worse. Far more horrifying - Journey's "Don't stop Believing" and a black screen. But, in Tony's world, every day is an epidsode of red herrings and he just tries to (as we all do) "enjoy the good times" it that simple?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Laws of Attraction

I've been trying to be particularly mindful of my thoughts and intentions lately. I've had some amazing results worth sharing. While as busy as anyone of us working parents, I've tried to internally treaure each moment as it comes, without forcing outcomes, expectations or reactions. This is very hard to do but doing so can bring about the sweetest rewards.

To be specific, I've been speaking about the laws of attraction to several friends and colleagues as of late...all agree we create more of what we're thinking's just we have a tendency to slip into the familiar (even if the familiar is negative or counter productive).

In focusing on bigger and better business for my voice-over career, I've gained 3 new clients in the past 3 days. And, oh so interesting is that one of the new scripts I was recording contained the very words "the laws of attraction". I'm not saying if we sit and home and hum "If I were a rich man"...we'll become one. I'm saying if we focus on the satisfaction of bill paying and providing for our families lovingly, we attract those aspects from the universe and in other people. Here's to pure, profitable and proactive thoughts for ourselves, our families and our world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Red Sox require an emotional investment

In the world of sports, especially baseball, I appreciate the community spirit and unification a stunning win or disappointing loss can bring but can't seem to give my heart wholly to a sports team. I want a return on my emotional investment. In thinking about the educated and enthused sports fans I know, it seems that (in general) they are deeply emotional people who are not always so outwardly emotional on an individual basis and so the context of the game gives them catharsis...a chance to rebel or revel in the loss or win.

The one time I had really super seats at a Red Sox game was in the early 90's. I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with a great fan who was keeping stats and educated me on all the ins and outs (literally). It was a thrill being close to the action and reactions of the players and fans and I felt like I was indeed an essential part of a bigger picture. This was before the organization spent $50 million dollars to have a conversation with someone the Yankees got anyway. That kind of big business takes the recreation and joyfulness out of the game, I think.

Does a cheap day lounging in the sun in the bleacher seats with a hot dog and cold brew still exist? I've got the emotion to invest in the Red Sox, just not the cash.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Mark Sandman sleeping soundly

As someone who has enjoyed the music of "Morphine" for years...from countless live performances in smoky Boston bars decades ago with wild and crazy friends to more recent contemplative listening, I was excited when my 2 and 4 year olds selected "Morphine" from the CD pile to listen to...we all were groovin'. I miss Mark Sandman and his brave way of living and emoting. A high price to pay. Thank you, hope you're sleeping soundly!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

You're no bunny 'till some bunny loves you

I hope you're enjoying whatever traditions you hold dear this weekend! We just started a new one...making a bunny cake! This is the first of many to come! What's happening in your house this weekend?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Motivation from Mo

I hope this find you in good spirits this Good Friday. Despite there being snow outside my window on the 6th day of April, I'm warmed by direct sun and the belief that green things are really going to start to grow. This time of year we're world weary, tired of bracing up against the cold (at least here in New England) and are ready to wear fewer layers. As we take off those layers of clothing, I can't help but think we're peeling away layers of ourselves as well. I'm going to let more of myself out and let more of others in. Break down the barriers and take some chances. How 'bout you?