Monday, January 3, 2011

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Good Action - Good New Year!
January 1, 2011
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MoVibe Studio Upgrade/Offer!
Selfish Vs. Self Preservation
Real brain and body food!

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Health and Happiness to you in this New Year! Hopefully you are feeling renewed, reconnected and realigned after some peaceful time with yourself and festive time with friends and family. This is my wish for you.I have some cool studio news, a reflection on selfish vs. self preservation (especially since I've been practicing saying the word "no" with some positive effects) and a variety of New Year offerings just ahead so please relax with a warm cup of something tasty and read on!

MoVibe Studio Upgrade - What a difference a Whisper Room Makes!
Here is a close up of my beloved Neumann u87 nestled in my new 3X5 Whisper Room - add some full spectrum lighting, flip the ventilation switch and you're one happy performer stepping up to the mic! Why Whisper Room? Truly, many producers, directors and agencies believed I already had a Whisper Room as my dear engineer created a very dead sounding booth in our Butler's was easy, it worked well and was very low budget. As fate would have it, my mother who had been living with us for 5 years needed much more care than I could provide. We were able to secure the proper place for her to comfortably live with care less than 10 minutes from our home. It was bitter sweet to move my mother out and my equipment and booth first.

Then (and this seems trite but it's true)...the joys of blasting itunes with my kids without disturbing anyone became a daily release and routine...I never even used my 5 speaker system with subwoofer until schedule became so much more manageable. I gained an extra 3-5 hours of productivity a day. I can work more without sacrificing time with my kids. What joy!

Then...I got my husband into the booth (he has his own AKG and preamp set up all the time now) and he got to sing and swoon the house!
Finally...I'm benefiting from embracing longer and more demanding projects knowing I can record in perfect quiet even when Ian is playing a keyboard in his room, Ava is singing to her Princesses, Jack is playing lounge lizard and the garbage truck is going by.

I'm welcoming clients onsite now too - it's significant after 6 studios to actually have the confidence and equipment to really open my doors. See coupon below for limited time offer!

Am I guilty about my mom? Not so much. She just now called to wish me Happy Birthday and to say how she considers herself lucky. Feeling that way myself.

Need any help with your low budget, mid budget or studio upgrade? Email me if you have specific quesitons

Selfish Vs. Self Preservation
When is the last time you said "yes" when you really wanted to say "no"? What is your time worth? Do you know? What consequences are you really fearful of? Worth pondering in the New Year.

I asked these questions alot during December and got some different answers. I made choices and stuck with them...not falling into the same trap of being talked into something I didn't need, want or have time for. What a blessing!

The time I saved was spent unstructured and with affection for my kids and friends and a few family members. And, valuable time by myself. This Irish girl recently enjoyed some Thai Beer with French Poetry and a good variety of other mind nourishing distractions. I could be present and enjoy these events because I wasn't being trapped by a schedule or a momentum that someone else set. Seems basic but you need self preservation time to be a better person and a better performer. If you're trained to think of saying "no" as selfish, rephrase it and mentally repostion yourselef to think SELF PRESERVATION.

Real Brain and Body Food!
Shake Shake Shake - Shake Shake Shake
This is the healthiest, tastiest, most beautifying and most satisfying drink I've ever had. Team Beach Body has created something special that me and my whole family has benefited from. My brain is humming and my body is bouncing and it has only been about a month on Shakeology. I'll report more of my findings next month! Interested in what's in it? Please visit

I'm holding myself accountable to fitness by becoming a Team Beach Body Coach - I'm an underachiever in the fitness department so by surrounding myself with fitness experts and motivators, I can become one too! Many resources are available to us! What are your fitness goals in the New Year? I've recently started pulling items from the back of the closet...clothes I didnt' think would see the light of day! Please let me know if I can help be a cheerleader for for me!

All good things to you and those you hold dear in the New Year!
Moneen Daley Harte
Voice Actor/Coach/Director/Audio ProducerEmail Me!

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