Friday, July 6, 2007

Still sore over Sopranos last episode?

Yeah, I was ticked off like everyone else at the seemingly undecided and decidedly undramatic ending to the Sopranos..."But, wait - there's more"! Indeed, there is a forthcoming movie so could this TV end be the movie beginning? Sure. Or, maybe David Chase was simply telling the story as he always has from the vantage point of Tony. No doubt, we the audience were all hanging on the edge of our collective couch with jaw dropped waiting for Uncle Junior to come running through the diner with a filet knife or for Meadow's car to explode or for Carm to announce she's pregnant...but alas...none of, worse. Far more horrifying - Journey's "Don't stop Believing" and a black screen. But, in Tony's world, every day is an epidsode of red herrings and he just tries to (as we all do) "enjoy the good times" it that simple?