Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Laws of Attraction

I've been trying to be particularly mindful of my thoughts and intentions lately. I've had some amazing results worth sharing. While as busy as anyone of us working parents, I've tried to internally treaure each moment as it comes, without forcing outcomes, expectations or reactions. This is very hard to do but doing so can bring about the sweetest rewards.

To be specific, I've been speaking about the laws of attraction to several friends and colleagues as of late...all agree we create more of what we're thinking's just we have a tendency to slip into the familiar (even if the familiar is negative or counter productive).

In focusing on bigger and better business for my voice-over career, I've gained 3 new clients in the past 3 days. And, oh so interesting is that one of the new scripts I was recording contained the very words "the laws of attraction". I'm not saying if we sit and home and hum "If I were a rich man"...we'll become one. I'm saying if we focus on the satisfaction of bill paying and providing for our families lovingly, we attract those aspects from the universe and in other people. Here's to pure, profitable and proactive thoughts for ourselves, our families and our world.