Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean, Renewable, Free Energy from Keppe Motor

The Keppe Motor is presenting at the United Nations World Climate Change Conference – The Keppe Motor is a revolutionary motor that can achieve 90% efficiency at very low cost – saving billions of dollars and our precious environment. Learn more about this renewable energy at

The current state of development of Keppe Motor technology is able to be applied to almost all electric devices that currently use conventional electric motors that operate in the range up to 600 Watts, but saving between 70% and 93% of electric energy when compared to conventional electrical Motors in the field of ventilation and 50% in refrigeration (compressors).
The application of this new technology in all motors produced in a year in the world is a real solution for several economic and environmental issues.
Here below some figures to show the impact that this brand new technology can provide to the world:
1) If all new compressors produced in the year of 2010 used the Keppe Motor technology, the results in just one year would be:
41 million tons less of CO2 generated (0.46% of all CO2 emission in the world and the equivalent to 305 thousand flights JFK - CPH)
12 nuclear power plants could be shut down
USD 11.6 billion in savings for not constructing new power plants (equivalent to Armenia’s GDP)
2) If all small motors (up to 600W of input power) in all the houses of the world uses the Keppe Motor technology, the results in just one year would be:
1.45 trillion kWh saved (9.7% of all electricity consumption in the world)
USD 246.6 billion in savings for not constructing new power plants (equivalent to Portugal’s GDP)
886.7 million tons less of CO2 generated (9,72% of all CO2 emission in the world)
To read the full article about these figures, their sources and to know about the Keppe Motor technology and how to do business with us, please access

Thursday, November 12, 2009

-The latest Vibe from

Thank you to my valued clients and colleagues for working together toward excellence! I hope you have an enjoyable and restful holiday season! is pleased to announce an exciting new relationship with The Worx Group.

It has been busy in the booth recently with scripts from Pepsi, EBay, Merck and Pepperidge Farm.

Moneen will be in NYC with Susan Berkley of The Great Voice Company teaching advanced audition techniques and technical tips to the Ultimate VoiceOver Success Program Members. Among them will be BMI recording artist James Hammel named Top Singer/Songwriter by BillBoard Magazine. To hear some snappy samples, please visit

Moneen is grateful to Robyn Bradley of ET Productions for keeping me on task in a refreshing new way…Robyn is a published creative writer, marketing guru and copywriting queen. Check out Robyn’s Rent My Noggin program and get AMAZING results!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Only sleep with good men!

Joan Baez suggested in the 60's that women refrain from sleeping with enlisted men...promoting peace of course.

Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco, Ph.D, Psychoanalyst, Author of "Healing Through Consciousness" and "Women on the Couch" suggests we women today should consider sleeping only with good men, also to promote peace. Women can make conscious decisions to give our love to those who love in return, not to those who are profiting from the suffering of others.

Our world is in an economic, social, environmental and spiritual crisis...while many are becoming more aware and active...many others are sinking into apathetic stupors (myself included on some days).

Dr. Pacheco speaks directly to women about our true nature and our true power in "Women on the Couch". It's a wide eye opener if you're willing to take a look at yourself for yourself.
Peace and Love to all our good men!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stop the epidemic hysteria!

Stop the epidemic hysteria! Pasteur was wrong - there is no "germ theory". Learn more and be amazed at the significance of microzymes! Please click on the link and listen!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The truth hurts less than you think...

Well...we all know the truth hurts which is why we run circles around ourselves working to avoid facing it. Wouldn't it be great to save that frantic energy and transform it into something more calm and worthwhile? The truth lightens the load and frees up much mental space...Listen to a live on the spot psychoanalysis with Dr. Claudia Pachecho about my relationship with my daughter and mother. It's Episode 10 at

"We are what we don't know about ourselves"
Dr. Norberto Keppe

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Online Interactive Course - The work of Dr. Keppe

If you're worn out and tired of repeated self sabatoge...if you are 75% where you want to be but can't quite amp it up to 100%...or if you simply want to know more about the amazing univeral work of Dr. Noberto Keppe, please click on this link to learn more about a new interactive online course beginning May 12th! I'll be there and hope you will be too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Powerful Psychological Radio Show!

The new call-in radio program from the International Society of Analytical Trilogy is moving to a new time

Healing Through Consciousness: The Analytical Trilogy Radio Show
A place where people can call and really get help.

Now at a new time – 11:00 am Pacific time on MONDAYS. That means TODAY.

3:00 pm Brazil time
2:00 pm Eastern time
1:00 pm Central time
8:00 pm in Sweden

Same station: BBSRadio

And your calls are invited. Toll-free. Worldwide.

Toll Free 888-815-9756 WorldwideToll Free 877-876-5227 USA only530-876-3222 Direct Line

Join us every Monday from 10:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific Time on BBSRadio (hit the click to listen button).

Can’t listen live? Download the show at


Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are what we don't know about ourselves!

Please check out this new internet radio show featuring the work of Dr. Noberto Keppe as presented by Richard Lloyd Jones and Dr. Claudia in and ask a question...listen live and be inspired! Starting March 12 at 1pm eastern time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes Equals Success! From Dr. Norberto Keppe

Yes Equals Success!
An Introduction to the work of Dr. Norberto Keppe
By Moneen Daley Harte

Can success be guaranteed? Pretty much. In fact, there are two questions to ask and if you answer those questions honestly and affirmatively, you can be nearly assured of success. Seems simple, doesn’t it? So, why do we fail so much of the time? Brazilian Social Psychologist Dr. Norberto Keppe points to envy and has some revolutionary answers based on 30 years of clinical research. Dr. Keppe believes we are created from God’s essence of Goodness, Truth and Beauty. However, our blinding drive to create and control in a godlike fashion (theomania) limits our experiences. Dr. Keppe has written over 30 books on the subject of hope based on the concepts of accepting reality and has created an internationally recognized school of thought called Analytical Trilogy.

We’ll get to those two intriguing questions in a moment but first I’d like to further explain Keppe’s definition of envy. Envy comes from the Latin word invidēre meaning “not to see”. This unwillingness to see often keeps us somotized and keeps us from the loving paradise God has created for us. For the past three years I have benefited greatly from studying Dr. Keppe’s work in an effort to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, business owner and concerned citizen of the planet. I care deeply about our community and have something to share…including my own failings.

Dr. Keppe teaches we are what we don’t know about ourselves and outlines the antagonistic forces in our psychological lives that battle continuously: conscious vs. unconscious, good vs. evil, accomplisher vs. destroyer, friend vs. enemy. These attitudes seem black and white and easily understood. However, if we sincerely shine a light on how we are using our free will, we can see where we may be in the dark or suffering from envy.

I’ve discovered that while I have countless blessings--a loving marriage, beautiful and intelligent children, a creative and rewarding career and rich personal life--I am capable of setting a match to it all because of my arrogance and envy.

Here are some specific examples. When I nitpick at my husband for things he has not done, rather than appreciate his goodness, I am envious or blind to the fact that he is the strong moral compass for our family. When I censor my children and their expressions, I am envious of their natural closeness to God and their spiritual lives. When I display anger or frustration over caring for my ailing mother, I am envious that she is truly deserving of loving care. When I limit plans with friends or family, I am blind to the joy community celebration brings. When I sabotage a collaborative creative endeavor, I display arrogance by not sharing in the transcendence of creation and down grade spiritual and professional success which brings me back to those two questions on how to determine success.

When making a decision, please ask yourself:
1) Does your reason (inner love and ethics) approve of what you want to do?
2) Is what you are thinking about doing in accordance with the feelings of affection and goodness?

If you answer yes to both these questions, it’s a good sign you will be successful in your venture, whatever that may be. And if you answer no, ask yourself what is your true motivation. Analytical Trilogy offers a unique spin on psychological analysis through interiorization. This dialogue between patient and therapist opens the door to hidden fears in our subconscious and frees us to make better conscious decisions.

These concepts from Dr. Norberto Keppe are strong and complicated and I am not an expert. I am a passionate student and eager to share more if you are interested. To learn more about Dr. Keppe and his work, please visit http:// I welcome your comments as well. If you would care to join a study group to learn more, please write me anytime at Thank you for your time and open mind!
Health, Happiness and Hope to you and yours!