Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Poppin' Bottles - Congratulations on Personal and Voiceover Success!

Cheers to you if you have the ability to go from "want to do" to "can do" to "do"!

There are a million excuses not to do the very thing we want to do and love to do and I know this more than anyone.  For sure, I've been guilty of side stepping the very things that will bring me health and wealth and accomplishment. However even blind eyes can feel around in the dark. There are also stunningly clear moments when we are tuned in and see perfectly. That's when to take action and achieve! Amen! 

Maybe it's that we're hitting 50 degrees in New England after a frigid winter and over 100 inches of snow...maybe it's that my kids are finding more creative outlets and exploring and experimenting with abandon, maybe it's letting go of a lot of anger and hurt and opening up to new ideas, maybe it's that recent clients have found their own personal success and enjoyment, maybe it's all of the above but I'm energized and feeling alive.

A virtual high five to these in the The MoVibe Tribe

Vicki Liston who has scored steady voiceover work including national work, an agent and print work. She's a glowing talent inside and out and it was sweet for her to comment recently "I am where I am because of you". I coached Vicki twice and produced two demos for her so that's satisfying to hear but it's ALL Vicki - her talent and her persistence! Brava! Pop a Bottle!

Randy Peeler who revisited voiceover with me - refreshed his approach at the mic, created a new demo and now is also agent represented and happily reports picking up more work! Pop a Bottle! Or if it's me and Randy popping - maybe 2 bottles!

Brian Wilkinson who is an expert of the senses - especially wine - brought his multi- sensorial gifts to the mic (never having done it before) and is days away from recording demo tracks with me - what a thrill to see/hear talent uncover and discover themselves and find new ways of expressing/performing and yes, earning!

Whatever you do - do it with love - do it with purpose - do it! I will too (at least for today).

All good things to you,