Monday, July 27, 2015

Lively Time at MoVibe Live! Self Discovery and Self Direction - Interested?

What happens when you bring 10 like minded creative souls together for an uncensored improvisational and self revelatory evening? Some extraordinarily tender, funny, optimistic and inspiring moments - this was MoVibe Live!

We had professionals from all walks of life; from voiceover and radio folk to singer, photographer, writer and lawyer. The common thread was a collective need for an authentic approach to performing and presenting and we achieved that...and more.

If all that creative energy and expression isn't enough for you, imagine this tremendous liberation in a relaxed cool vibe performance area along with pristine recording booth and old time photo booth.  Maybe you need a reward? I know I do. How about a celebratory drink afterwards? 

After MoVibe Live this past weekend, we hit The Port Tavern in Newburyport and met up with Joey from Mike's Pastry's in the North End - if you've been to Mike's (and who hasn't?),  you know he was the real celebrity of the night!

If you're interested in attending a MoVibe Live event and live in the Boston area, Seacoast NH, Southern NH or Northern MA areas, we are planning our next event for September 26th. Email for a special deal on early registration!

If you live outside the MoVibe Live area and need/want one on one coaching for any voiceover, radio, stand up, sales or presentation application, let's please talk. You can always schedule a complimentary phone or skype call to learn more about my methodology and see if I may be of service to you.
With an attitude of gratitude and affection for expression,