Friday, June 7, 2013

In Voiceover Training - Do You Want Fresh Hand Cut Homemade French Fries or a Fast Food Failure?

Hi Friends,
How's it going with you today? Are you feeling Friday-like yet? Hope you've got something wonderful to look forward to this weekend!

Around here there is work scheduled but also some very quiet and very personal "me time" inked in! Remember, if we don't recharge ourselves, it's others who get burned! Now, why I'm here...

Have you ever felt sad and disappointed after a coaching experience - like you had been run through a fast food assembly line? 

More than a few recent conversations with voice over talent in the past few weeks has lead me to write a little something about personal preference when it comes to voice over coaching/training/demo production and marketing. You've got a speedy solution with a fly by - drive thru fast food type of program where you will be forced to chose a "meal deal" or.... you can liberate your performance taste buds and indulge in slower and finer dining and not by coincidence finer bookings! As you know all services available from are made to order and it would be a real pleasure to have you stop by and learn a bit mo' about what I offer...and why.

Doing good work together and being of genuine service is at the heart of every project I take on.  If  you are a voice over or creative talent and we are collaborating together on scripts, approaches, imaging, positioning, marketing, demos or simply avoiding self sabotage and getting un-stuck then we are engaged in a very real exchange of energy that has lasting and enduring effects.

While the fast food chains may provide a gimmicky toy or a cheap deal, it's the high quality and value of personal one on one service that I can offer that will sustain you! 

Isn't this a much more appetizing offer?
Fresh, hand cut, home made and seasoned specifically for you!

How can I freshen up or spice up your performance?  Let's talk!
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