Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Your Call! Your Voicemail and Messages On Hold Are Powerful Advertising and Branding Reinforcement Tools! Are you using them well?

Your voicemail greeting could help make him a lifelong client or...not! 

What is the first impression potential clients get from your business? Specific, engaging and informative greetings and directives or "Your call is very important to us"? Only to be followed by a redundant and somewhat demeaning reminder to continue to hold. Is that the first thing you want to say when you've captured a potential client's attention? No. No it isn't.

Your voicemail system and messages on hold are powerful advertising and branding reinforcement tools. Use them! Boring, dismissive and confusing voicemail greetings and menus will quickly send clients elsewhere.  A first impression makes up about 70% of what a person thinks about your company. Are you investing in that 70% intelligently?

Expect more and get mo' from your telephony. Need an effective overhaul on your auto attendant, voicemail and messages on hold system? can write the copy, cast the appropriate voice, record the messages with ideal sound effects and/or music so when you can't answer live - your company still sounds alive!

Please contact or call toll free at 1-877MoVibe0 for a free consultation on 3 things you can do to dramatically improve your own voicemail system. Here to help you hear the difference!