Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Do you dare? MoVibe Live 8! Face Your Fears!

MoVibe Live 8!
Do you dare?

It's a creepy, dark and scary world in front of the mic sometimes, we all need a brightly lit path to get us to the other side.

Join Us for MoVibe Live 8 - Face Your Fears
October 7th @ 7pm ET

Park Workshop/Part Party - Wholly Entertaining!

You will:
* Learn about/discuss steps you can take right now to face your performance fears and eliminate barriers between your desired goals and everyday actions!

* Prep and Perform real scripts from a variety of applications - The MoVibe Live Copy Book is always fresh!

* Engage in real world scenarios - an actual casting will take place that night!

* Explore ways you can maintain energetic enthusiasm for your craft and accomplishments!

* As always, get support, get group and individual feedback and have fun!

Fee: $59
Sign up now! Email Moneen@MoVibe.com to reserve your spot

Hope to see you there!