Thursday, January 24, 2008

How much can happen in a half hour?

Happy New Year! Can you imagine how much would change in your life if you were simply...honest? Maybe even just for a half hour at a time? Care to join me in a deep dark swim into the cold waters of our conscious thought? Creepy sounding? Hmmm, well, yes it is but I think it beats the alternative.

My 42nd birthday present to myself has been a committment to be honest with myself. Never something I've been terribly good at or perhaps I've been very good at being terrible at it. For me to be wholly conscious simply is not pretty! In fact it's downright gritty but facing my truths and being able to know where my personal "spills" are turns out to be far better than hiding my several "spills" over and over again with different area rugs!

Are we deluding ourselves when we say this is the year we are going to be a better partner, parent, worker, friend and member of society? Do we really want these things or do we simply like to hear ourselves say them? Do we often achieve moments of glorious success only to be dashed downward into self loathing when we let something slide? This is often my story!

Why so often do we sabotage the very things we want more than anything in life? According to the Brazilian Social Psychotherapist, Dr. Norbeto Keppe, we as humans suffer from an incredible inversion. Rather than seeking truth and beauty we scamper from our true selves like rats in the dark when the light is thrown on.

Our planet, our socio/economic life, our arts and most importantly our children are all being neglected. We don't want this to be the case but it is...look around...what do you see? It's hard for us to face but there are tools that can help. The wonderful work of Analytical Trilogy can change your life and the lives of those you love.

A half hour of reading, a half hour of conscious thought, a half hour of listening can change your whole life! Want to hear more right now?!? Please visit
and check out "Thinking with Somebody Else's Head"'s the food your brain has been craving!

All good things,