Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Airing Out, In The Air, On The Air

Good Day!
Hope this finds you cool and comfy!

It's a steamy summer day in New England and I'm airing out my recording studio with a breeze blowing and thinking about the past 2 years - many changes - many challenges - many losses - yet incredible lessons learned and amazing journeys taken. The picture above is of my daughter Ava swinging through the air at a recent sleep over party. Weightless, light, flying through the air and trusting. Freeing.

This should be our experience when on the air or at the mic or doing anything we love. Today, I'll audition for radio commercials, record corporate narrations, record and produce 5 newscasts and conduct a voiceover coaching call - and tend to 3 children. Each one of these activities could seem burdensome and I could attach a negative or resistant attitude to these responsibilities because I really just want to have a beach day. Yet, if I really think about - I've asked for each one of these situations and all of these responsibilities woven together make up the fabric of my life (starting to sound like that Cotton jingle now - sorry because now it's likely playing in your head). How can I deny who and what I love and am good at?  So, the beach wait and the record light is ON!

Please tell me about you! Are you motivated, accomplishing, satisfied with your voiceover, radio or performance career? Need to talk it out? Need a kick? I can do both. Please be in touch

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